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"My attention span for watching dance is 24 minutes but my attention span for watching Jun Kuribayashi is 24 hours. He is that rare talent that transcends their own discipline. 

​His work is somehow abstract and witty at the same time, poetic and intellectually rigorous, accessible yet super human."

Jesse Eisenberg

[Actor, Author, Playwright]

"Jun Kuribayashi is strength and wit wrapped in sweetness and grace.  I love working with him. He's fearless and funny."


[Magician, illusionist, writer, actor, painter, and film director]

"Jun is simply a dream. Smart, collaborative, creative, positive, overflowing with weird and wonderful ideas. He's a generous teacher and leader- patient and supportive of those around him, always ready with a smile and a solution. But beyond his terrific attitude, he's a stunningly accomplished and gifted dancer- strong, fast and powerful... at the same time, endlessly expressive and delicate, flexible and versatile. His choreography is unexpected and fresh, drawing on his knowledge of diverse styles and a wealth of experience.

And he's still always learning and growing, hungry for more. His appetite for adventure and challenge seems insatiable. Over the years, I've worked with him for many hours, on several different projects now, and Jun never fails to delight and impress me. I can't wait to see what he does next."

Trish Sie

[Film Director]

​​"Amid all of Mr. Kuribayashi’s somersaulting around the stage, there is one sudden balance, when he is standing with feet planted wide apart, in which the torso is flexed forward as if it were a branch or spur; and then a ripple passes down the spine like a wave. 

The whole solo is constant metamorphosis. He becomes a fetus, an athlete, a sleeping dreamer, an amoeba. At one point he discovers his pointed foot as if it were a new species, tucks it under his chin and starts rolling again, with new explosiveness."

Alastair Macaulay

[New York Times Chief Dance Critic]

"Jun is a one of the most talented and hardworking people I know. Fully invested in every project that has ever been put before him and completely comfortable diving into the unknown with you. With Jun, you know each dive will come up with at least one pearl."

Renée Jaworski

[Pilobolus Co-Artistic Director]

"Jun is a magical mastermind, mind altering mover and all around marvel."

Anna Strout


​"Jun is the type of professional who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. For example, if you ask him to be hogtied, stuffed in a duffel bag, and then figure out how to escape in a fancy dancy kind of way, he will do it. And with Panache. He is a creative and enthusiastic problem solver and is physically adept enough to do some really crazy shit. Our kind of guy.” 

Penn Jillette

[Magician, Juggler, Comedian, Best-selling Author]

​"I love working with Jun. He can teach, creative direct, and perform. We have found unlikely solutions to movement problems together, I would not hesitate to work with Jun on any choreographic project. He is one of the best!"

Matt Kent

[Pilobolus Co - Artistic Director]

​“Jun Kuribayashi is a far better magician and escape artist than me, and and I have been involved with magic and escapes for well over seventy-five years. Working with Jun, when he was working full time with the Pilobolus dance company on the Houdini Escape routine, was truly one of the best things I have ever worked on. Jun is simply wonderful.”  

Johnny Thompson

[Legendary ​Magic Consultant and Designer]

"Jun Kuribayashi ... a visible inner life even during the most extroverted actions at the Joyce."

Wendy Perron
[Dance Magazine Editor in Chief]

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