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HYBRIDMOTION is an artistic movement company that was co-founded by Jun Kuribayashi + Mia Dalglish in 2017.

It is comprised of three branches that all utilize Jun's
unique technique, creativity, and aesthetics:

ABOUT: Mission

HYBRIDMOTION Dance Theatre brings Jun's artistic visions to life through performance. This ensemble embraces skilled performers from a variety of movement backgrounds and fosters the creation of inventive and unconventional work on the stage.


HYBRIDMOTION Creative Consulting offers artistic conceptualization and direction, choreographic services, movement invention and coaching. Whether it's choreographing a scene for a film, or developing a new circus act; HMC brings a wealth of movement experience and technique that add creativity and nuance to any genre of performing arts.


HYBRIDMOTION Training Program provides opportunities to learn our unique partnering skills, movement technique and how to unite them with an artistic vision. We train movers of all backgrounds and in different phases of their career.


HYBRIDMOTION began with a duet...
Jun and Mia are from different dance backgrounds - Mia is an Argentine Tango dancer, and Jun's style is an eclectic fusion of modern, breaking and acrobatics. As a couple, they wanted to learn each other's "language" of dance.
The perfect opportunity came when Mia's father (Musician + Composer, Malcolm Dalglish) asked them to create and perform a dance for a concert in 2017. They chose a piece of music by Malcolm called Bellpump. (It had always been Mia's favorite song by her father, and she listened to it often throughout her childhood.) Jun and Mia created their first duet together, Kokoro No Uta [Song of the Heart], using their mix of aesthetics and techniques.
The collaboration set something in motion, and HYBRIDMOTION was born.  

ABOUT: About Us

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