HYBRIDMOTION is Fueled by Experimentation

Ingredients of HYBRIDMOTION Dance Theatre repertory are developed through structured improv and creative play with its collaborators. Through this process, Jun and Mia mine the kinesthetic and emotional potential of each mover to tell stories and build new worlds. Our goal is to take the audience on an emotional and visual journey that transcends words.



Co - Artistic Director // Choreographer

"More than anything I am guided by an aesthetic. Whether working with photographs, dance, or any other medium, there is a certain combination of factors that really make me tick. It’s this perfect trifecta of emotion + concept + engaging aesthetics.

I seek work that affects me on an emotional level first. That visceral reaction to art is what engages me and makes me want to see more.

After that, I look for a strong layer of content. That's what gives the work depth and captivates my curiosity.

And lastly, it has to be aesthetically compelling- just like photography, dance is a visual language when being translated between a performer and the audience.

Movement doesn't always have to be beautiful, but it does have to be communicative in a way that translates visually. When we are able to achieve all three of these components in perfect balance,

I know we have something good."

- Mia Dalglish



Co - Artistic Director // Dramaturg